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33 Granite Street, New London, CT 06320
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Teaching Artist Residencies
Interview by Steve and Mary Alice on Blog Talk Radio - Artist Mark Patnode on Creativity, Arts and Education.

Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication (ISAAC)
190 Governor Winthrop Boulevard
New London, CT 06320

"Enlightenment" fiber optic whale installation sponsored by ISAAC and New London Main Street, 2005 Teacher-Artist Collaboration
Mitchell College
701 Montauk Avenue
New London, CT 06320
University of Hartford Magnet School
196 Bloomfield Avenue
Hartford, CT 06117-1504

"All Living Things Depend on Each Other" mural, 1st grade, 2006 Teacher-Artist Collaboration

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Pleasant Valley School
591 Ellington Road
South Windsor, CT  06074

"The Art of Family" mural, 1st, 3rd, & 5th grade, 2005 Teacher-Artist Collaboration
Lincoln Middle School
164 Centennial Avenue
Meriden, CT 06451-3707
203-238-2381 (Two Residencies)

It was Mark's pleasure to join with bilingual students from HOT School Lincoln Middle School to create ornaments for the Pathway of Peace at the White house.  NBC coverage can be seen here.
Columbus Magnet School
46 Concord Street
Norwalk, CT 06854-3699
203-899-2840 (Four Residencies)

In November 2012, it was Mark's pleasure to work with 3rd and 4th graders at Columbus Magnet HOT School. The adjacent video demonstrates some of the wonderful accomplishments.
The HOT Schools Teacher-Artist Collaborative (TAC) overview (objectives and description) for this residency include:

TAC Objectives:
  1. Compare and contrast raw earth material (minerals) to contemporary commercial applications (e.g. graphite and pencils).
  2. Effects of earth materials in everyday technology (carbon - monopod)
  3. Use of photography and computer program to present naturally-occurring minerals in nature and their application in society.

TAC Description:
In this TAC the 3rd and 4th grade students will be exploring the earth around them, its naturally-occurring elements, and how they are transformed and utilized in everyday life.  The scientific method will be applied and incorporated in the activities.

Alcott Elementary School
1490 Woodtick Road
Wolcott, CT 06716-1598
203-879-8160 (Two Residencies)

3rd grade students at Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism Arts in Education HOT School Alcott Elementary School created corn, moccasins, deer hides, wampum designs, bowls, origami fruit and containers, and numerous other projects to populate their Native American Longhouse.

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John Lymann Elementary School
106 Way Road
Middlefield, CT 06455-1059
West Hill Elementary School
95 Cronin Drive
Ricky Hill, CT 06067-1105

"Observing Living Organisms" - 1st grade Teacher-Artist Collaboration.

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The Salvation Army
The Right Place
121-123 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT  06105-2756

Mark's work with the Salvation Army Educators in Hartford is at the invitation of Maureen Hogan, Director of Early Learning and School Age Care programs for The Salvation Army, Southern New England Division.  The effort developed a pilot program for a new arts-centric education center.  An arts-centric experience for students is key to assimilation, retention, and demonstration of abilities.

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Martin Elementary School
140 Dartmouth Road
Manchester, CT 06040-6616

"Kinesthetic Connections Through Literature" - 5th Grade 2010 Co-residency Teacher Artist Collaboration.
In 2010, as part of Phase One of the CTT Mentor Teaching Artists Program, L’Ana Burton & Mark Patnode cooperated in a Higher Order Thinking Schools co-residency at, Martin Elementary School, Manchester, Connecticut - Donna Fitzgerald, Principal.

The overall effort, entitled “Kinesthetic Connections Through Literature” involved Fifth Grade Teachers Christina Prindle, Trisha Bagley working with L’Ana & Mark and Students in a Teacher Artist Collaboration involving Dance & Visual Arts disciplines to achieve literacy comprehension through an arts-centric program.
Salvation Army
Hartford North End Corps
100 Nelson Street
Hartford, CT  06143

Mark worked with young learners at Salvation Army North End on a Charter Oak mural installation funded by Target Corporation.

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Jack Jackter Intermediate School
215 Halls Hill Road
Colchester, CT  06415
860-537-9421 (Two Residencies)

It was Mark's pleasure to close out 2010 Teaching Artist efforts by working with HOT School Jack Jackter Intermediate School (JJIS) on a Teacher-Artist Collaboration (TAC). 
With emphasis on primary and secondary color structure and contrast, JJIS 3rd grade young artists created a six panel mural depicting their understanding of simple machines!

Titled "Our World in Motion" this arts-centric project revealed how important simple machines are to everyday life.  Students focused on visual arts, science, math, and literacy grade level expectations (GLEs) to develop a comprehensive understanding of simple machines through using a multiple intelligences approach.

In 2010-11, Mark worked in a Higher Order Thinking Schools residency at Jack Jackter Intermediate School - Deborah Sandberg, Principal.  The overall effort, entitled “Our World In Motion” involved third grade teachers Tammie Bakaj, Linda Eakin, Judith Sullivan working with Mark and students in a teacher-artist collaboration involving visual arts to achieve student understanding of the six simple machines: lever, wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane, wedge, screw.

Curriculum standards addressed:
Science - 4.1 The position and motion of objects can be changed by pushing and pulling.
Reading – Forming a General Understanding, Developing Interpretation, Making Reader/Text Connections.
Visual Arts - Media, Analysis, Interpretation and Evaluation, Connections.

Demonstrated Understanding:
Students created SMART Cards demonstrating their knowledge of key concepts (With a scoring rubric). Multiple Intelligence - Choice Project Group Rubric-with individual reflections (with a scoring rubric). Exit slips for each Simple Machine and various artist lessons – independent (with a simple scoring rubric). Six-panel (Demonstrating the six Simple Machines) mural – demonstrates collective understanding of TAC “big idea” and usage of primary and secondary colors.

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Integrated Day Charter School
68 Thermos Avenue
Norwich, CT 06360-6943

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Worthington Hooker School
180 Canner Street
New Haven, CT 06511-2296

In December 2011 it was Mark's pleasure to work with 1st graders at Worthington Hooker HOT School on "East Rock Park Through the Seasons" mural. 
Additionally, students created visual representations demonstrating their understanding of seasonal changes at East Rock Park.  Students created written and visual expressions to demonstrate their understanding of the seasons and their applications to everyday life.  Students compared and contrasted a world with and without parks.

This arts-centric project revealed how seasons change - a season of living organisms - allowing a continuance of basic unit and then following it through seasonal changes during the school year.  Students focused on visual arts, science, math, and literacy grade-level expectations (GLEs) to develop a comprehensive understanding of the seasons through multiple intelligences. Students' learning needs were addressed as they actively participated in a wide-range of rigorous and relevant experiences.

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Roosevelt School
160 Iranistan Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06605

Professional development, residency, custom logo by request.

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Winthrop Elementary School
74 Grove Street
New London, CT  06320

In March 2013, Mark had the pleasure of working with Fellow COA Teaching Artists L'Ana Burton, Derron Wood, and Dr. Roger Tremblay in Workshops at Winthrop School through a New London Landmarks grant program.

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Burns Latino Studies Academy
195 Putnam Street
Hartford, CT 06106

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John C. Daniels School
of International Communication Inter-district Magnet
569 Congress Avenue
New Haven, CT 06519
R.J. Kinsella Magnet School
    of Performing Arts
245 Locust Street
Hartford, CT 06114-2008

  Juried into the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism (CCT) Teaching Artist Directory, a reflection of excellence in both teaching and artistry, Mark has had the pleasure of conducting numerous residencies at CCT Arts in Education Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools and Magnet Schools. The hallmark of HOT Schools is its comprehensive approach to training and professional development. Classroom teachers, arts specialists, artists, principals, and parents all assist with the planning and design of professional development which is offered year-round.

In addition to his school classroom programs Mark has participated in numerous pedagogical outreaches at the State & National level. Following are some examples.

Welcome to HOT Schools - 2010 Conference Opening Informance - Digital Video "HOTs in Review" Developed by Mark Patnode, CCT Teaching Artist

Mark was a Workshop Facilitator at the 2010 HOT Schools Summer Institute, "Leading the Way: Higher Order Thinking In the New Decade."

Documenting Through Technology - Mark Patnode
As society worldwide moves towards electronic media and cyber solutions, it falls to a greater degree on educators to be knowledgeable about technology. The regular curriculum of a HOT School increasingly requires knowledge of computer programs within the scope of projects. This workshop presents assessment and documentation solutions and invites dialogue on the continuing technological needs of educational professionals.  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, as well as personal or professional digital images (videos, photos, logos, etc.) to work with during the workshop..


Mark was an afternoon Workshop "Documenting Through Technology" Facilitator at the 2008, 2009, and 2010 HOT Schools Summer Institute. Mark served as a plenary session presenter and Community Mural Project Workshop Leader and 2006 Co-Presenter for HOT Schools Summer Institute, Best Practices in Teaching Artist Residencies, and Invited Panelist.

HOT Schools Summer Institute is a weeklong residential program open to all HOT schools and interested participants from Connecticut and the nation. The Institute faculty includes national experts and noted artists. The week provides a solid grounding in HOT Schools philosophy, develops arts integration skills, and raises awareness of democratic practice in leadership development for students and teachers.

The work of the Summer Institute is reinforced by two 2-day Mini-Institutes, one in the fall and one in the spring. These gatherings hone in on a specific program component.

Mark was honored to have his coordinated efforts appear on the cover of the CCT Teaching Artists brochure.

Teacher-Artist Collaborations (TACs) take residencies to the next level and are characterized by the depth and breadth of training provided for teacher-artist teams. TACs promote a collaborative process in which artists and teachers jointly design arts-integrated experiences aligned with state and district standards. TACs provide rich opportunities for children to make connections between and among subject disciplines and ideas.

Although Mark works with all age groups he has much experience in Teaching Artist Residencies that involve Young Learners. The dedication of Faculty and Artist efforts is designed to meet district and state framework multidisciplinary curricular performance goals and standards. The following School Residency efforts reflect the ability of Students to design and produce through self-direction and democratic practices.

Residencies & News

Mark was a "Documenting through Technology" Workshop Presenter at "Roots for Innovation" - 2011 HOT Schools Summer Institute.
The HOT Schools Summer Institute is a week-long residential conference for teams of teachers, artists, administrators, parents and arts organization personnel interested in teaching and learning in, about, and through the arts. The Summer Institute features presenters and workshops leaders who are national experts in arts in education. The Summer Institute is open to participants from Connecticut and the nation.

2009 - As Connecticut continues its national Arts in Education lead, Mark is pleased to announce his participation as one of six CCT Mentor Teaching Artists. CCT is currently working with Barbara Cox (Teaching Artist Journal – a monthly newsletter for teaching artists that renowned Teaching Artist Eric Booth began).

Columbus Magnet School - "Landscape of Learning" - K-5 Grades 2009 Teacher Artist Collaboration

Columbus Magnet School - "Graffiti Mural" – 2006 - 3rd Grade (five day) - 2006 Teacher Artist Collaboration

Lincoln Middle School - “Reflections of Our Ancestral Footprints” Electronic Presentation - 2005 Teacher Artist Collaboration

2007 Mural

2008 Mural

Dudu Rodrigues (center - in red), a Student from the 2007 program, returned in a new capacity to the 2008 program as a Published Artist

The 2008 session involved creating a mural on a glass block wall of the Residencia Estudantil Madre Teresa De Calcutá, Praia, Cape Verde

Mark was the Visual Arts Drawing Instructor for the 2007 Center for Creative Youth program at Wesleyan University, Connecticut.

Mark worked with the Recreation Supervisors at Radgowski Correctional Institution, Montville, CT on a Visual Arts Project Workshop on Self-esteem, Working Towards Community, Tolerance, Resolution of Differences. The project culminated in a group entry to the Prison Arts Program show at City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, CT in 2006. Mark is a trained volunteer with Connecticut Department of Corrections.

Mark is a member of the 2007 & 2008 USA Professional Artist Faculty for the Center for Creative Youth CulturArte, Cape Verde, Capital Region Education Council (CREC), Hartford, Connecticut. Details on the program can be found at the CREC website:

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